Solo Show 01

Solo Show 01. Exhibition held on unused London Borough of Hackney community noticeboards

I held a ‘solo show on Jan 1 2020, on an unused community noticeboard in Hackney.

The work explored ambiguity of meaning. A recurring idea in my work over the years. Instead of the designer fixing how the work is perceived by an audience, the different elements in the work encourage each viewer to make different connections, finding their own meaning within the work.

A fear of organising something, and of no one turning up or taking notice is one that can prevent one from producing  anything. I decided to embrace this negative fantasy by only announcing the exhibition once the work had gone up, and only leaving it up for 24 hours. 

I plan to do more exhibitions in the future utilising other sites of these community noticeboards. Whether or not, i’ll give any warning as to when and where they will emerge, remains to be seen!