Robert Crumb Art & Beauty exhibition

Robert Crumb Art and Beauty exhibition

We managed to briefly duck out of the studio to catch the end of the Robert Crumb “Art + Beauty” exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery in Mayfair this week.

Original drawings and layouts for his magazine “Art + Beauty” were on display, and it was great to see the tipex corrections, and cut and paste layout changes.

Robert Crumb is seen as almost an establishment figure nowadays due to his longevity, and popularity. While his style has changed over the years, his same fascinations of sex, and statuesque “amazonian” women are front and centre. While some of the portraits seem innocent enough, others still have the power to make the viewer still feel somewhat uncomfortable, as we enter a world that is distinctly Robert Crumb’s.

We are definitely looking forward to check out his book due out later in the year, which brings all 3 issues of Art & Beauty together.