A mag/a-zine designed in 24 hours, with crowd-sourced content from across social media

Chanced Arm magazine issue 1
Chanced Arm magazine issue 1
Chanced Arm magazine issue 1
Chanced Arm magazine issue 1
Chanced Arm magazine issue 1

Chanced Arm magazine


We decided to produce our own publication in order to explore ideas and approaches that we haven’t yet had the opportunity to for clients. 

We wanted move away from the niche focus of many contemporary magazines, towards something that was unexpected and chaotic, an eclectic mix of subject matter and styles.

In order to do this we asked our creative friends, colleagues, and social media – setting up social media channels to build and engage with a our audience — to submit content, and help shape the tone of the mag/a-zine.

The entire project, from the format and colour limitations, through to how we collected content, was designed to challenge the way we ordinarily approach design. In doing so we opened ourselves up to the opportunity to fail; The inbox might have stayed empty (it wasn’t checked until the 24 hour countdown had begun), Oswin might have fallen asleep, it might have had to go to print unfinished once the 24 hours was up.

The really exciting thing for us as designers is that each issue will face the similar risks and challenges, and we have the opportunity to resolve them in different ways each time.

It was great to get such notable contributors as: Anthony Burrill, Sarah Beetson, and Ian Lowey in our first issue. The mag/a-zine is free and distributed across London and the UK.

Alternatively you can order copies of issue 1 here

  • Chanced Arm fits a truckload of great design in one foldout, under 24 hours

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