Chanced Arm Mag/a-zine x London College of Communication

Chanced Arm Collaboration with magazine journalism and publishing students at London College of Communication

We are starting the year off by teaming up with students on the BA Magazine Journalism and Publishing course at London College of Communication (University of the Arts London), to produce a special issue of Chanced Arm mag/a-zine.

Chanced Arm was created as an opportunity to take chances, to explore the possibilities and limitations of mag/a-zines without commercial consideration. We’ve had great participation in – and feedback on – the previous three issues, but now have the opportunity to try something different. 

Each student will produce their own interpretation of Chanced Arm mag/a-zine, commissioning their own content, and designing the mag/a-zine, utilising the excellent print facilities at LCC. We will then work with the students to select the best bits, and creating one collective version of the publication that we will then print and distribute.

This will be done over a 10 week period. As the project progresses, certain themes are likely to emerge, and if needed, we will put out a call for content as we have done previously.